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 about Swedish coppers

This page last updated: June 6, 2015

  For me, this web site serves several purposes. I had been researching and collecting Swedish coins and felt a need to organize my thoughts about it. I wanted to share this facet of numismatics with others. I had wanted to learn about website programming for a while. So here it is, a website about Swedish copper coins.

The numismatic study of coins of another country presents interesting challenges. Information on Swedish coins is difficult to come by compared to U.S. coins. What is available is mostly written in Swedish, a langauge I don't functionally read (yet), but translate when need be. Much information can be gleaned from these sources without knowing the language. A wider selection of coins and information is available to the collector who is willing to venture into foreign language websites and "read" foriegn language books. As I share what I know, it is my hope that this site becomes a useful reference for others with an interest in Swedish coppers.

- MKJ, 12/23/2013

P.S. This site is under construction. Hopefully, it will be for a long time.


Please direct any comments or questions to mkj@swedishcoppers.com .

My great, great, great grandparents, Dalarna, Sweden, 1892

Here are some drawings my great-grandfather made in the 1880's. Dalarna drawings.


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