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This page last updated: January 4, 2015

  This page has links to some of my favorite numismatic websites. Not all sites are in english but don't let that stop you.

Categories - Swedish Coins and History, European Coins, U.S. Coins and Paper Money, Organizations and Miscellaneous


Swedish Coins and History

Sonesgården - I have never met Lennart but his web site is inspiring. Articles on Swedish coppers, European silvers, Sheep geneaology, custom leather products and commentary on Swedish life.

Kopparmynt - Detailed type info for coppers of Gustav II Adolf and Kristina. Cool site. Many pics of varieties.

Uppsala University Coin Cabinet - Research, publications and a searchable database. Money museum too.

Royal Coin Cabinet - It's in the National Museum of Economy

Ingemars Myntsida - Ingemars Coinpage, a site about Swedish coins.

Swedish Numismatic Society - English intro page

SwedishCoins.net - A variety of information.

(Swedish)  (English)  Dalarna (Wikipedia) - Dalarna County Sweden includes the cities of Avesta, Säter (mints) and Falun (Great Copper Mountain).

Great Copper Mountain Mine - Falu Gruva (Wikipedia) - This mine provided the copper for coins and for most of Europe at one time. You can tour Falu Gruva.

Swedish Colonial Society links - Miscellaneous stuff related to Swedish-American history.

Coin Dealers

The Coin Cabinet - This is a pleasing site with information and inventory. I have found the Director, Andreas, to be an upstanding gentlemen.

Strandbergs - If you want to go window shopping.

J Pedersen Mynthandel - More shopping but you have to knock on the windows.

European Coins

Medieval Coinage - Online reference. Huge amounts of information and coin pics.

Saurmasche Collection - Small coinage, Germany, 1280 - 1620 A.D., extensive listing of a collection of a 19th century aristocrat, black and white pics.

Italian Baroque Medals - Benjamin Weiss (Queen Christina examples)

U.S. Coins & Paper Money

Nova Numismatics - Cool site dedicated exclusively to Colonial, Early State, Pre-Federal, Early American, Hard Times, Merchant, Civil War, and Scrip coinages and tokens.

CoinFacts - Information about U.S.coins of all types.

LargeCents.net - Collection of large cents by Tom Deck.

HardTimesTokens - Collection of tokens by A.S. Fisher.

Colonial Currency - A Project of the Robert H. Gore, Jr. Numismatic Endowment, University of Notre Dame

Depression Scrip - Many pics and much info about depression scrip from the 1930's.

KITCO - Precious metals prices.


American Numismatic Association - National numismatic organization

Central States Numismatic Society - Regional numismatic organization

Michigan State Numismatic Society - State numismatic organization

Huron Valley Numismatic Society - Local numismatic organization

Polish-American Numismatic Society - Local numismatic organization

Early American Coppers - Specialty numismatic organization

CONECA - Specialty numismatic organization, Combined Organization of Numismatic Error Collectors of America

Swedish Numismatic Society - National numismatic organization, English intro page


Abe Books - A nice used book store.

Metal Detecting World – “Enhancing”??? Copper Coins

The Onion - You need to laugh today.



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